Where To Go When You Want To Meet Women

If you spent a lot of time in high school and college actually paying attention to your studies, you might be feeling a little lost in the romantic department. A lot of people develop their confidence with the opposite sex during their school years, and it is easy to feel like you missed out on a window of opportunity if you were concerned with other things. With a little effort, though, you can identify some of the best places to meet women that will give you a chance to build your confidence, find a girlfriend and most importantly get laid!

When you go looking for girlfriend material, date sites are often a great place to start. One of the toughest skills to develop in romance is the ability to quickly assess who a person is and whether they have an interest in you. These sites simplify that task tremendously, because they let people describe themselves and what they want out of their lives up front. You can also easily send inquiries to multiple women to talk and see if you connect. If either side isn’t feeling an attraction, it is a much safer and more relaxed setting in which to move on, because you do not have to deal with the other person face to face unless you have progressed to actually meeting them in person.

Sexy woman doing excercise 300x260 Where To Go When You Want To Meet WomenOf course, there are also plenty of other options to find single women. You may want to think a little about what your interests are, and what kind of activities you would hope to share with a potential girlfriend. If you are picturing yourself going out for bike rides with her, you may want to look around and find a local cycling club or community bicycle recycling project. You may like the sporty type, joining a mixed sex sport team could be the right option for you. Even supporting a charity event as a volunteer could portray you as a ‘good guy’ to all the potential single females that may also attend. (havn’t tried this one yet but worth a try)The key is to think about what kind of places and activities would be attractive to the woman that you want to meet, because those are the places where she will probably actually be. If your feeling like doing a good dead then you could think about attending some kind of charity function, there may be some talent there and she will see you as a kind hearted guy…

Figuring out how to get beautiful women interested in you can take a little time, and you may not develop confidence and comfort with approaching them overnight. The important thing is to give yourself the opportunity to meet a variety of women in a variety of settings so that you will have the best possible chance of running into someone with whom you have that little spark that intrigues you enough to take the next step and go on a date. One of the places with the highest concentration are bars and nightclubs, the only problem is the drunken idiots, the overpriced drinks, the loud noise and stay away from the dance floor until you have actually picked up. Harder for some guys to pick up (unless armed with the right skills) but a lot of women all in one spot. No one said it will be easy but just like anything in life with practice you will get better!

Here’s a few other suggestions, I personally havn’t tried them, (I buy my books online, I am usually in the free weights area in my gym) But they could prove to be spots to meet and you don’t really have to go out of your way….
Let me know how you go..

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Best Places To Meet Women

breasts 199x300 Best Places To Meet WomenWhat are the best places to meet women? Well just about anywhere, night clubs, bars, cafes, at work, at the bus stop, online (online dating is not what it used to be years ago there are some decent women on there!) Make sure you choose the best online dating  sites and best to start of with free online dating sites. The bigger more important question is what to do and say once you meet them…How to get beautiful women in your arms, your life and in your’e bed!

Confidence is a big factor and confidence comes with success, but you won’t have much success without confidence. Why do a lot of men lack confidence? Because many are worried about their egos. If a women says no as we all know it is a big blow to our egos but unfortunately the majority of the time it is the man’s duty to approach. Another way to have confidence is to arm your self with skills, knowledge and tools when approaching a situation. Think about it this way if you went hunting without a rifle you wouldn’t have much confidence that you are going to be successful in your endeavour. As opposed to going hunting with a rifle, ammo, a whole lot of hunting gear and the skills and knowledge to make the most of your situation. You would not only feel more confident but you would also be quite enthusiastic about what you are about to do. Most importantly it needs to be fun, because you not going to keep doing something unless you enjoy it right? If had a dollar for every guy that I have seen in night clubs that don’t look like their having a good time I would be rich and I would you use my money to meet women… just kidding, nobody wants a gold digger. icon razz Best Places To Meet Women

Once you start to have success with women you will start to have more confidence and success in other areas of your life. Being with a women is a primitive urge that you cannot deny it is part of what makes you a man (a heterosexual man obviously) Since ancient times women have been most attracted to the alpha male, the provider, having success with women comes from taking control of your’e life, it also comes from standing out from the rest of the other men out there being original shows that you are different and have confidence to not care what others may think of you. One crucial thing I have found that works find a hobby take up a sport ( if you havn’t already) good way to meet people and makes your life a bit interesting, gives you good story’s to tell. One thing that almost every women you talk to will ask you “so what do you do apart from work?” It will work in your favour if you have a good story to tell or something interesting to talk about. Women love to talk!

If you are having no luck with women or you are interested in improving your game here are a few activities to try, when you are next in a shopping mall, supermarket, train station etc, Try at first just making eye contact with women don’t do a creepy stare just as you are walking by look them in the eye until they either look away or smile then smile back, do that for a week then try saying hello, just hello you don’t have to make conversation just make baby steps at first just a few little exercises to work on your confidence and your skills…

Another way to boost your’e confidence is through nlp (neuro linguistic programming) the best way to describe it is self hypnosis

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